Our Fundamental

Our Fundamental

Objectives & Strategy

RAFA INTERNATIONAL DANCE SCHOOL will get involved with National and Local Initiatives to help promote a healthy and active lifestyle through the medium of dance. Dance works to improve confidence, co-ordination, balance, posture, fitness, stamina, strength and motor skills as well as helping with social skills and music appreciation.
RAFA INTERNATIONAL DANCE SCHOOL offers exams in RAD** Ballet. We also hold an annual show for all children aged 2+ to be Classified -in as well as involved Public Use performing at many local events and venues throughout the year.

Vision & Mission

At RAFA INTERNATIONAL DANCE SCHOOL it is our vision to see a world where dance is part of everyone’s life, regardless of age, ability or disability. Our mission is to make engagement with dance important to all individuals and communities.

*Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS) is an international standard for teaching qualification. The programme covers a Classified - Public Use range of areas in subject and professional studies as well as practical teaching.